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Buffalo Raceway is a harness race track just south of Buffalo, NY. Hamburg, New York resident James J. Dunnigan opened the doors of Buffalo Raceway in June ofshortly after New York State passed a bill allowing pari-mutuel harness racing. He selected the Erie County Fairgrounds in Hamburg as the site of his venture. The Fairgrounds had a half mile race track and grandstand in place for its Fair activities and, being only 14 miles from downtown Buffalo, provided an excellent location. Racing was very competitive and area residents welcomed a new sport to Western New York.

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Madbitcoins twitter headers

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Not Now. Visitor Posts. Looking for where to invest Feel free to contact :- invest binary, forex and bitcoin with: jamalabdulrahman01 gmail. Sravan Sri. Ibahagi ang iyong mga video sa mga kaibigan, kapamilya, at sa mundo.

My Life in Bitcoin vines. Andreas Bans Bitcoin A Sudden Loss of Bitcoin Leverage. Thanks d. Yours Yours. Trade bitcoin and other digital assets on Crypto Facilities' regulated and secure derivatives platform. London-based - high liquidity - low fees. Replay: 2X or No2X? Rosamaria Hernandez, who was brought over the border to Texas illegally when she was 3 months old, was riding in an ambulance when it was stopped, her family said.

The first commit will disconnect an outbound peer that serves us a headers chain with insufficient work while we're in IBD. The second commit introduces a way to disconnect outbound peers whose cha I make the case that Bitcoin users have just as much of a say, or more, than all the miners combined. They wield this power through exchanges, and the exchanges need to live up to their responsibilities.

Alex Morcos In light of recent obsession with hashpower determining what is Bitcoin, it's time to remind people to reread this d. Jeff Garzik, one of a handful of key developers who helped build the underlying software for bitcoin that is known as blockchain, has seen its shortcomings firsthand. So he decided to create a better digital currency. Alex Morcos I'm speechless. Why spend all our time on 2X fiasco, when only developer for the project doesn't even care about it d.

We wanted to give customers another update on two upcoming Bitcoin forks — Bitcoin Segwit2x and Bitcoin Gold. You can read more about what…. Alex Morcos This is a good and sobering overview of the whole space. Around mid November the Bitcoin network will experience what is referred to as a hard fork.

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And you have to error correct for the fact that these atoms have half-lives and things like that. And then you have to keep it in some sort of like that quantum state until you observe the thing that you want to observe. Kind of like cold fusion, right? I still remember Back to the Future II.

Preston Pysh : I think what you get though is you have people that read a couple articles. This is where everyone goes. This is happening. So what do you say to that person? Jimmy Song : Then go tell me what the Google paper actually said because what they did was actually not that impressive.

Essentially, they define quantum supremacy as the ability to come up with a random number. Oh, gee, a quantum computer. Anything quantum related always spits out random stuff. Jimmy Song : And this is something about any sort of like… I just want to go on a rant here for just a little bit. It was something that was exciting.

Preston Pysh : I want to capture some of your thoughts on some of the other things that are happening in the space mostly because I get a lot of complaints in my feed. The case hit the roof after the Mumbai police arrested four …. The accused reportedly ran seminars and marketing events across major Indian cities to sell their cloud mining schemes. Khan would use its influence on social media to bring legitimacy to their cloud mining project. He would also appear in Cashcoin seminars and speak well about the project personally with investors.

Khan can be seen in one of his Youtube videos inviting investors to Indian city Surat for a Cashcoin event. As we all know that the future belongs to the cashless trend, we also know how much important role cryptocurrencies would play. He could also land in prison on the charges of fraud, breach of trust, criminal conspiracy under the Indian Penal Code and sections of Information Technology Act.

We came to know they have received huge remuneration and traveled abroad with the company representatives. Former porn actor Sunny Leone also decided to receive kickbacks for issuing false political tweets. We have planned supper interactive panel discussion segments around the technologies of the fourth industrial revolution 4IR to provide every attendee with actionable insights that can be applied immediately to accelerate progress in any chosen career path.

It will be interesting to find out what made her take such steps during our FireSide Chat Session. Khadijat is passionate about technology and access for the developing markets, especially about developing and empowering women in Africa and Diaspora. She will tell us why during the FireSide Chats.

This MasterClass is designed for Tax officers, regulators, auditor, and financial services investigators. The masterClass is designed for Business people and startup entrepreneurs who might want to leverage AI for new product lunch. Cryptocurrency Trading Masterclass Tola is a vibrant young cryptocurrency fundamentalist. He has been hailed severally my international blockchain startups, the best known is Electroneum, a leading cryptocurrency with a fantastic community.

He is the founder, Crypto Masterclass Ltd. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Economics is we produce stuff and then that makes life better for us.

So you have no reason to save, you have no reason to think about the future. In fact, think about it. I think it would be something that would be taken for granted in this world. People had that ethic of saving. They had that idea that you put your money aside and you save and you watch it grow. Then the more income you get, the bigger debt you can take on. It creates additional money supply. As long as-. So it exists purely digitally.

So it can travel around the world very fast, very cheap. Do you have another question, Brady? How do we get around that with bitcoin? So bitcoin requires people to just run code on their computers and it can be encrypted. I think this is the case with bitcoin. After that was shut down and bitcoin continued to operate. They want to get their hands on it. Just taking their balance sheet from under four trillion up to seven trillion. Or war. I mean, it was insanity.

Kitts, St. Who knows where it goes in the future? Puerto Rico right now with Act 20 and Come here and spend your money. How do we save our economy? Come here. Bring all your money. Bring all your wealth. Bring your human capital. Excuse me. As you say, this is how Saif says bitcoiners have this meme and bitcoin fixes this.

Saif, you want to start this one? Yeah, basically. Nobody needs to be reliant upon it and as it starts to collapse, people can choose to opt out and use bitcoin. Let me explain. So it takes you six hours. So think about how much money is flushed down the toilet right there and then how much time is wasted.

So let me give you an example. Our economy still is the same. Not really. When new technology is created, it creates its own reality and the world adjusts to it. It will never ever happen. Exactly, right. Bit who? You got two boomers on there. All right. Yeah, exactly. You check it out. So those are the two main functions of central banks. So we thank them for the free PR. Those only just backstop additional loans and increase the capacity of their balance sheet, okay? So they take that. Then you can go right to Starbucks and use that on your phone.

Those are his words, not mine. He goes all the way back to the Milton Friedman days. He is an OG. He is legit. You can look him up, google him for sure. So you see my point? That was my mistake. So what do you guys think? Saif, you want to start?

The only thing you have is upside so why not? We know that Venezuela is using bitcoin. Yeah, there are. I think bitcoin is going to scale with that like there will be second layer solutions that are settled with the second layer bitcoin. If you want your money to just remain safe or if you want your money to be there, then you pay people to store it.

But it could if you just divided the dollar into small amounts. Such as pennies, right? And then everyone that was saving those quarters or in this case bitcoin, they would just get richer and richer and richer just by holding it.

Then if you want to take on extra risk. So, yeah. Okay, guys. Time is up there. Any closing words? Thank you. Thanks so much guys. Of course, you can start stacking some bitcoin. Thanks everyone for being here today. Thanks so much again to Saif and George for joining us today. You can find Saif on Twitter at saifedean. On behalf of the Swan team, thanks so much for joining us.

We hope you enjoyed this episode of the Swan Signal podcast. Follow us on twitter SwanBitcoin and subscribe to the podcast at swansignalpodcast. Glad you found your way here. Hope you enjoy. One, you just connect your bank account to auto fund USD. Three, you can set up automatic withdrawals to your wallets.

We are launching our Daily Buys beta. You can sign up at swanbitcoin. Just add your email address, click get started to be added to the beta list or you can DM us on twitter SwanBitcoin. We have about out of our thousand Daily Buys beta slots filled up, so get in there. First, we have the inimitable, Saifedean Ammous with us today. Saif, welcome to the show, man. Welcome, George.

And if your viewers or your listeners have never been to St. This is the group that you were basically just mentioning. You can install all of those things on top of bitcoin. Bitcoin is competing with the actual assets that are being traded on these networks. I think really this is how bitcoin adoption happens.

So officially, yes, the bolivar has driven out the US dollars because it is the worst money many, many times over. But in reality, the bolivar continues to drop further and further and further. And any actual real wealth that exists in Venezuela is stored in the US dollar or in bitcoin or in gold. It stops being an asymmetric bet. God knows how much more bull run we have to get there. But bitcoin keeps going up. How much is that in dollar terms and then figure out how much bitcoin would have to go up to equal that amount?

So bitcoin is around billion so far. Another fantastic point. These human beings are always going to lose them. So how much do you think that the monetary premiums in these actually hard assets drives wealth inequality or inequality of access to these assets that are needed? So the price of goods and services were going down. We had nominal GDP growth and we had nominal wages increase. So this is a friendly reminder to let you know that this one is about to move.

Since this is one of the most manipulated altcoins in the market, you can expect big up when it does its breakout. Oh wait Perhaps you want to hit like first! Your support is truly appreciated! Ok, now Let's get started Let's trade! A Doji is one of the most telling signals for reversal of a trend when you are doing candlesticks reading, and we have two high volume dojis on these charts above I am looking at both Binance and Bittrex. One on the 6th Feb. These high volume dojis, the MACD crossover, and the RSI trending up, are enough signals to support buying and profiting, very soon, from this coin.

So I am going to keep it simple, let's sit back and relax, buy and hold Profit on the way up. In the case you like this altcoin and want to try it again if the bear scenario plays out , you can simply leave a comment and I will take care of the rest. Thanks a lot for reading I will have more content and great profitable safe trades for you shortly.

This is Alan Masters. Wishing You The Best! Just wanted to say thank you for all you do. Thanks for the support. ReplyalanmastersTeruss2 Teruss2, And thanks a lot for taking the time to comment, it really means a lot. Investors have lost millions of dollars to ICOs since ICO scams are not easing up soon according to feelers received by Cryptoinfowatch. In this review, we would look at how Bittrain, a phantom ….

In this review, we would look at how Bittrain, a phantom ICO is slowly building up its scam. According to the site, investors have two options: these are investing in trading or the Bittrain Coin. In an industry where every coin is defined in mathematical terms, the team did not disappoint. The site stated that Bittrain coin was born out of the success of Bitcoin which may be an indirect allusion to the BTC code or a supposition that their intention is to create a coin as successful as Bitcoin.

Whatever impression they wanted to create, what is obvious is that the people behind the scheme are peripherally trying to use it as a medium to get investors to send bitcoins. However, there is no evidence that the company held an ICO.

None of the ICO rating platforms listed such token sale on their sites. There is no announcement thread anywhere suggesting that there was sale of the Bittrain token despite the claim. Genuine crypto projects are known to list their team members.

This is contrary to what the Bittrain team did by using avatars for images of the team. However, a Facebook page attached to the project gave the name of the Executive leader as Jonathan Tacad. Elsewhere on the page, the CEO was mentioned as John Kin who was designated co-founder on the website. The confusion is a clear indication that the team is yet to get their acts together in this scam. A background check of the IDs showed that none is authentic.

At least there is none with an authentic social profile. An observation of the team composition gives the impression that the project is a supply chain management or a distributorship. Aside the CEO and the co-founder, all the other members of the team were designated Master Distributors. The absence of a technical team of developers is an indication that the project had no coin but is just a front to get money from uninformed investors.

A search for the Bittrain coin at the code repository GitHub yielded nothing reinforcing the fact that there was no such coin developed or in development. The project claims that it creates short-term and long-term profit for its investors. Each of the plans has a minimum duration of 2 years and interest of 8 percent weekly. The team predicted the value of the Bittrain token. According its chart, the value of the coin would quintuple by May The analysis posited that by September an investor would gain ten times their original investment in the Bittrain coin.

This is clearly fallacious considering the bearish coin market. This is assuming that such a coin exists somewhere. This is ridiculous because not even Bitcoin the most valuable cryptocurrency was projected to rise in value to that extent considering present market conditions. The internet is huge. People use it for all sorts of things so scammers are aware that there are many people that have their wallets in hand ready to make investments. Unfortunately many of these investors do not conduct research to know the antecedence of the people behind the investments.

This is why scams thrive. If you want to know a genuine cloudmining service I recommend to people chech it up here. What do you know about Bittrain. Send in your views below. Your email address will not be published. Since the bitcoin blockchain first appeared back in , many people have wondered why this virtual currency has value, given that it is not backed by anything. Today a single bitcoin is worth many …. Today a single bitcoin is worth many thousands of dollars but what gives it its value and what do people use it for?

Here are 3 uses cases for bitcoin and blockchains in general. Back in Roman times, an ounce of gold would have bought you a nice suit of clothes and some sandals. Today an ounce of gold will still buy you an expensive suit and a pair of shoes so it is fair to say that gold has held its value over the centuries.

We can all remember our favourite childhood sweets and snacks costing a fraction of what they cost today. Gold has retained its purchasing power because it is scarce and cannot be mass produced like other commodities. Gold has earned its reputation as a good store of value over the centuries and many people are now speculating that bitcoin will be an equally good store of value because its supply is capped at 21 million.

Later when PayPal, Visa and Mastercard stopped accepting donations for Wikileaks, the site published a bitcoin address where its supports could donate money to the organisation. Julian Assange later admitted that the cryptocurrency kept Wikileaks alive during those early years.

Bitcoin gambling has also become extremely popular because countries like the United States of America and Australia have tried to prevent their citizens from gambling at online bookmakers, casinos and poker rooms. While the authorities may be able to block people from using bank wires and credit cards to gamble, they have no power to stop sports bettors or poker players from depositing at their favourite gambling sites with the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Monero blockchains.

Right now you can open Skype or iMessage and speak to someone on the other side of the world, instantly and for free. Once you hang up the phone, you will not be able to send that person a couple of cents even though we live in the digital age. This is just starting to change thanks to a new micropayment network called Lightning that is being built on top of the bitcoin blockchain.

Thanks to the Lightning Network it is now possible to send payments as small as a thousand of a cent to anyone on the planet, instantly and for free. This looks like it could have profound effects for content creators because it will allow people to pay for individual articles on newspaper sites or pay per second for movie and music streams. The possibilities are endless as we enter the age of micropayments. Save my name , e-mail, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

We also look at some tweets. We also look at some tweets worth a mention too! Some tweets too. We also, as always look at a few worthy tweets. We also go into some tweets. We can either watch rubbish TV, or get into some serious learning about Bitcoin and what makes it so unique and special.

We also go into a few interesting tweets! Some tweets too! Plus a few tweets. We also go through a few interesting tweets! Buying Bitcoin at this time makes good sense. Gold has biggest losses since Square cash app announces 7th month in a row of growth…. The amount of BTC address holding above zero balance. JP Morgan moving from calling Bitcoin a fraud to calling it an asset… and the talk of developing a dead mans button to pass on our Bitcoin to our descendants automatically when we die!

We also look at a few tweets. Boris also runs a media and events company around video games, so should make a for a terrific Bitcoin Interview show! We also delve into a few interesting tweets. We also take a look at a few tweets worth sharing! Massive French soccer team using Etherium, why we should not be surprised at how OneCoin ran their ops and a little bit about the upcoming Bitcoin Halvings and what it means! We also look at Bitwise and how they have pulled out of their proposed ETF… and some very wise words around the current pump… and why we should keep our feet on the ground as it may not be a full Bull run everyone is waiting for!

Also, Fidelity says that Bitcoin is fast becoming a savings technology, Proof of reserves is so important We look at the advantages Bitcoin has over alts in as well as why Bitcoin performed positively across the board in We also look at Google trends and what that revealed about how Bitcoin NOT Blockchain defined the crypto market in Another reminder of Proof of Keys and we cover a few tweets too! We also look at what is happening on Jan 3rd with Trace Mayer's Proof Of keys initiative… and yet again I give a huge shout to for why you need to read The Bitcoin Standard if you are serious about investing in crypto and in particular Bitcoin.

CSW is at it again too so we'll briefly give him some air time too. Argentine Ransom attack, Bitcoin infrastructure strong, Bitcoin getting popular in China… and much more! Coin Telegraph says the Bitcoin miners are not fazed at all by the price drop and we look at how that is supported. We also take a look at what an investment into BTC in would be work in , the corrupt lawyer convicted on fraud charges, yet another Bitcoin obituary… and also the proof of keys initiative coming round again.

One such article states that Bitcoin Miners are capitulating and basically intimating yet again that Bitcoin is dead. Some tweets as well people! We take a look at the Iranian Bank fire… and also talk boring Bitcoin! Also in the news, are lawmakers using anti money laundering to push people towards centralised coins bearing in mind that decentralisation is the VERY reason Bitcoin was born in the first place to take control away from banks and governments and put it back in the hands of the people.

Lightning Cashback wants a system to accept FIAT for payments but give the change with sats as a transition into Bitcoin… and finally we look into why Malasysia may introduce cash payment limits which could drive Bitcoin adoption. When I got involved in early I was advised to store my Bitcoin on a paper wallet.

Now we are hearing stories that paper wallets are fast becoming obsolete and even potentially risky to use. Talk about the dark ages. In this show I do my best to help brand new people entering the space understand some of the lingo used. I also highlight the fact that after just 20 months in this space I cannot believe just how it is getting so much easier to claim the Bitcoin dividends these days, which just goes to show how fast the space is moving.

This was supposed to be my very first Live Show but as those of you on with us saw, it went horribly wrong, so this is a recording I've just completed. In this show I will try to get over to the newbs coming into the space that buying, storing and taking care of your Bitcoin can be a very simple process provided you know what you are doing! Hold your coins as when the bulls return everything will go crazy and you will be so well placed!

If like me you take some time to understand these, I am guessing that like me, you too will become a Bitcoin first individual! I then draw a comparison to what happened around 5 years ago when Bitcoin was in a bear market for 18 months but then, without warning grew 17x in 4 months!! I encourage all who watch my channel to buy, store and hold for the inevitable bull runs, but to have patience as they will come around when the time is right… and NOT when we want them to!

I remember when I first got into Bitcoin all these shortened words threw me so I needed to get me head around it all… and I would advise you to do the same! After watching a recent video from a content creator I follow I was really shocked at how a guest on the show ripped on another guest without warning and without knowing ANYTHING about that person… and I felt compelled to talk about the incident.

I personally have NO interest in getting in the middle of stuff like this so have kept all names out of the show, but it compelled me to talk about how doing stuff like that publicly will only serve to damage the space and give the outside world an image of us as mouthy ruffians… and we are far from that.

Hopefully however the show will go some way to highlighting the differences between the two examples and why we feel Bitcoin will ALWAYS be the next Bitcoin! We are also encouraging everyone to take their coins off any exchange they are on and hold their own keys. If the second largest Mobile Phone company in the world are now adding cold storage wallets to their phones, this is NOT going away.

Instead go to their direct web site and then you know you are not in a phishing site that WILL steal your coins! In this show I talk about the absolute power for a new person of booking a consultation to learn how to safely buy and store their coins.

It can be a very painful and costly experience if one tries to do it themselves and makes just a tiny mistake as that mistake could see them lose their Bitcoins forever. It really is SO worth the consultation fee to get your coins securely on to your Trezor and the future growth of you coin will more than pay for the initial consultation to ensure you get it right first time!

Does that make Bitcoin a bad investment? Other factors that will drive the price up over time are the Bitcoin scarcity factor and the general and wider acceptance, coupled with large institutions moving into the space. In the UK we have more crypto exchanges getting involved in the eco system including a global exchange partnering one of our top UK football clubs with sponsorship.

In this show I explain how the Bitcoin price is possible being easily manipulated by people or organisations with financial influence to shake the inexperienced Bitcoiners out of their coins. Take my advice. The tip that really hit me was to observe the masses then run in the opposite direction!

In this episode I try to settle those weak hands who do not understand the fundamentals of Bitcoin. All this does is allow the big institutions and people like me to buy up more Bitcoin at a lower price and increase our positions… and all they have to do is hold on, the price will bounce back and ultimately climb again on the next bull run, but the weak hands will ALWAYS freak out and sell!!!

In this episode I delve into the process of securing your Bitcoin using a simple 3 step process. I explain that in most cases instant gratification and fast money is what most are after, but with Bitcoin we need to be prepared to play the long game. Boring is the name of the game here people - Long Term Thinking really is the way. Taking personal responsibility for your own sovereignty is paramount in this new era of money, so be the tortoise, NOT the hare!!!

We just have to learn to be patient, wait them out Stay strong people and life will be awesome in a few years. Where will this all go in the next 10 years? Is Bitcoin Dead? I also break down the definition of Bitcoin Maximalism, how I view that statement… and what it means to me! I also talk about the people you should be following to get the right information … and the scarcity aspect of Bitcoin that makes it such an attractive proposition over anything else currently out there!

I also talk about the minefield that is what we do to ensure our loved ones can access our Bitcoin if anything happens to us suddenly! In this show I go back to basics for the newbies joining the space. We sometimes gallop ahead with the information we provide, but leave many newbies joining the space feeling way out of their depth and ultimately feeling left behind!

It was also announced from a very good source that recently also, the South African Presidents son arranged and attended a Bitcoin conference, so does that tell us that Bitcoin is failing, or consolidating ready for the next big bull run? You decide but I know where my bet lies!

In this video I talk about the common mistakes people make in bear markets. The Strong hands understand that you buy, store and hold your Bitcoin and wait for the 4 year halvings as during those times Bitcoin will go UP… and it will go down, but over time, it always climbs higher. By learning how to create and post good content on Crypto platforms, instead of wasting time posting on platforms like Facebook that pay you nothing for posting, you can grow a steady income that you can then convert to Bitcoin!

This is all so new that we ALL really MUST take considerable care when trying to claim any crypto dividends and airdrops as I found out to my cost this week! We must get our coins off an exchange and on to a hardware device such as a Trezor. In this show I explain the ups and downs of both. Why is it that people investing in Bitcoin feel the need to keep it a secret for fear of ridicule?

They are stepping out and trying something that is new… and that always leads to ridicule from the masses no matter what we are doing, but if we can all learn to deal with the skeptics out there and hold our Bitcoin with a strong hand, WE will be the ones smiling down the road! In this episode I talk about the ups and downs of being involved with Bitcoin. Do you have a plan? If not you need to prepare one. For me the financial plan is shorter than the younger generation due to age, but I still have a plan and am working towards that plan!

We are in the midst of extremely exciting times… and the next few years to a decade will shape a radically changing financial world like never before, so those of us in motion in the space with the same vision with regards to where Bitcoin is going need to totally support each other in our combined quest to get our message to the world! Follow the correct commentators to help you to have that strong hand! I also wanted to help the newbies understand exactly WHAT the bitcoin halving is and means, so have tried to accomplish this using a chart doing the rounds on twitter.

Finally, if we are going to get our coins offline into cold storage, I talk about the device I use and highly recommend and how one can get hold of one. Follow the right commentators and you will be fine. Listen to mainstream media and you are doomed! People say to me all the time that investing in Bitcoin is risky.

My argument in response is that expecting a good pension in this day and age is risky. Starting a high street business is risky IBM also says they expect central bank issued digital currencies within 5 years… and finally Bitcoin searches are trending at a three month high on Google, plus we will cover a few tweets as always!

As we watch the BTC price surge I delve into the latest news. Talk of Twitter working with Libra is quickly quashed by Jack Dorsey, and he clearly points out WHY he is such a fan of Bitcoin… as well as Cailtin Long stating with her immense financial background that Bitcoin will be the insurance against future financial crashes. I also encourage you ALL to STOP listening to price predictions by so called experts… and we also look at a handful of tweets worth a mention! Elaine gives her honest and frank thoughts but admits that no matter what, she supports Brian wholeheartedly on his Bitcoin journey!

In todays show - I cover the most up to date news surrounding Bitcoin and also delve into the tweeting world to see what's being tweeted there relevant to the show! The graphs are a very powerful visual to show that we are in the right place at the right time and we need to have a long term mentality to this and not look for a fast buck! By promoting merchandise and video blog channels, as well as commentators like Adam Miester - The Bitcoin Miester, we can get the buy and hold mentality to more people, thus helping that mass adoption one newbie at a time!

This show re enforces that even though I've gone out into densely populated areas of my local town over the past few weeks with my Bitcoin t-shirt on, not ONE single person asked me about it, commented on it or even acknowledged it. This further underpins that we are SO early in all this!

In todays show I highlight a fantastic book that everyone within the space should read. This again tells you that Bitcoin is where you need to be putting your money. Bitcoin is also still the place for investors to put their money accounting to major news channels. If all you do is look at a chart for say a few weeks or months it can be frightening, but by looking over a several years, all of a sudden it becomes very clear that there really is nothing to worry about… and all we need to do is to buy and store on our Trezor and be patient!!

Think outside the box, connect with others around the globe We need to grow this global spiders web by starting in the middle and spreading it outwards one person at a time so do not think you won't make a difference because you will!!! We owe it to the eco system… and the people around us to 'Be In Motion' and ensure this is happening all the time!

Unsuccessful people listen to their family, friends, neighbours and work mates!!!! So choose YOUR hard! I also talk about my standpoint on what Bitcoin Maximalism looks like. Please subscribe, like and share these videos enabling us collectively the spread the word and get this technology widely adopted by the masses!

Blockchain explained and the downside of centralised blockchains! In this short session I will point you in the direction of a super video that will help you to inspire others to get into Bitcoin NOW! Some great tweets out there… and wrapping up with a great crypto rapper video. To keep your bitcoin and protect your new found individual sovereignty, choose wisely the commentators you take notice of!

Buy, HODL, ignore the masses and forget. Take 5 steps forward, then 3 steps back! Take another 5 forward then 3 back, but overall you are still 4 steps further than you were at the start! Beware when the FOMO starts!!! This is not the channel for you if you are into trading! Firstly, any crisis — whether induced by biological, geopolitical or financial shocks — always results in a crisis of liquidity. Peter sells some stock to pay for a loss on crypto or vice versa.

Paul sells high yield bonds to buffer up MBS positions. Or simply selling winners and going to cash and short-term treasury instruments. The vicious cycle spins and the same horror movie plays, as over-levered investors mainly denominated in USD need to sell indiscriminately and across asset classes. The rush to liquidity and the comfort of cash drives all correlations to one, despite promises and proselytization that some instruments are immune to this inevitable selling tsunami.

Therefore, in the most recent installment, when the VIX went to 80, and global uncertainty and fear on steroids reigned supreme, those over-levered pools of capital got flushed out again and red sprayed across our trading screens; regardless of the fundamental constructs and theses underpinning any asset classes or individual names.

So, to hammer home the point once again, in any risk off environment there is no safe haven, especially not one traded as thinly and with as much speculation as bitcoin. It is also driven, currently, in the short term, more by over-levered speculators than by long-term holders, hence its volatility, which while gravely exacerbated with the crisis , had vacillated with large peak to trough moves of 10, to 3, on some exchanges in alone [and before Coronavirus was even a driving factor].

While many speculators have indeed been flushed out by employing reckless amounts of leverage, savvy trading outfits and long-term investors continue to hold. So, for the true believers in bitcoin, not only have the fundamentals not changed, but they have become more pronounced and engraved into the investment psyche.

Moreover, in contrast to erratic and impossible to predict monetary policies, there are more knowns within bitcoin protocols, and an inability to put the printing presses on autopilot. On the contrary, a halvening in mid-May will result in less availability and scarcity as the block reward will fall from Bitcoin versus Gold Now that we have morphed from an initial liquidity crisis into the potential next phase of a crisis usually credit crisis, but could take on others forms , we can talk more rationally about safe haven assets and their long-term role in providing diversification and a non-correlating return stream to traditional equity and bond portfolios.

Many talking heads myopically preach either gold or bitcoin as the sole answer in dire times, often taking to public forums to attack each other and create a schism between either camp. As noted, neither acts as promised at least initially , and there is no need to play a zero-sum game here.

One could argue the merits of holding both as diversification tools and alternate stores of value, each with their own idiosyncratic benefits and use cases. While gold certainly has a deep history narrating its utility and potential worth, bitcoin has more attractive, contemporary features, such as no physical delivery, no storage, and greater immutability and real-life payment applications.

All valid reasons why many have made its case as a replacement to gold. Those taking a year outlook will see the non-correlation benefits to their portfolios and their participation alongside the continued weeding out of weak players will also smooth out volatility as larger tickets and block trades counterbalance shorter-term trading strategies.

While perhaps more evident to a newer generation embracing a more futuristic mind-set, bitcoin also provides exposure to an underlying network effect the value of which is not currently priced in, built on the premise of more decentralization, the utility and staying power of blockchain technologies and emerging tokens of value stablecoins, security tokens etc. The ecosystem is evolving and getting stronger and with that we need to advance the mindset, rationale for investing, and pools of incoming capital to strengthen the asset class.

The views represented in this commentary are those of its author and do not reflect the opinion of Traders Magazine, Markets Media Group or its staff. Traders Magazine welcomes reader feedback on this column and on all issues relevant to the institutional trading community. Deidra McIntyre found her way into the cryptocurrency space seven years ago while doing research for a client.

She realized early on that people were curious but lacked information — and confidence — …. She realized early on that people were curious but lacked information — and confidence — about blockchain and crypto to buy direct, making them vulnerable to multi-level marketing schemes. Remember OneCoin? Similarly, MiningMax asked people to invest thousands in exchange for a referral commission.

It became so blatant, scammers took to running Facebook and Google ads hoping to catch new prey. Eventually, Facebook and Google began to flag paid posts for cryptocurrency and stopped the MLM advertising campaigns on their platforms. But Criminals Still Love It. More than a place to hang out online, McIntyre says the group has a mission to launch an accelerator for Black-led blockchain startups. McIntyre has created a list of more than Black blockchain and cryptocurrency professionals and organizers.

There is work to be done to help advance and connect Black people in the space, she said. McIntyre shared with Moguldom how to tell if something is a multi-level marketing crypto scheme, and discussed her focus on making sure Black people are not left behind in blockchain. A year prior I had a former client reach out to me to create a document about bitcoin in plain English.

This person worked in finance and had interest from some people who wanted to know more about bitcoin, including the history of it and how to invest in it. I reached out to another peer and started collecting data, and gave him the document that he wanted by November. I remember hearing about bitcoin in but thought it was a gaming coin since the gamers were talking about it back then.

I became alarmed. I knew from my research there were a few Black people running solo in the space. People like Edwardo Jackson, who started Blacks in Bitcoin, which was one of the first blogs targeting Black people, and Sinclair Skinner that I noticed being interviewed or randomly discussing crypto.

Moguldom: How did you grow to 10, people in the group? Facebook was where Black people were at since there was no more BlackPlanet. With the initial four as admins, we would invite anybody from our friends list who mentioned bitcoin or cryptocurrency to the group. Essentially what it is today is a platform that people can bring up topics and post news, argue and debate very similar to what the original bulletin boards were on AOL and CompuServe.

There can be some arguments there, but we leave it all on the table and let the others decide if they want to choose a side or participate. It has evolved into people forming alliances within the group and trying to help one another with their various startups.

Moguldom: You mentioned the MLM scams. How do you overcome that negative aspect of cryptocurrency? I was fortunate not to have been introduced to cryptocurrency in that fashion. But after I did the research I was aware there were a lot of MLM schemes, which are marketed extremely well. It was especially prevalent during the ICO craze of and There was a lot of smoke and mirrors, fancy marketing and the leaders ran away with the cash.

We try to impress on people to learn as much as you can from everyone you can. Be loyal to no one brand and question everything. Some cryptocurrency projects are legit. If it is a startup, they are not going to likely have the additional documentation. In that case, it is OK to take a wait-and-see approach. I will wait to see what relationships they develop before moving in that direction. But crypto projects where you see the use in public are a good example of it not being an intended scheme.

When you see the use of bitcoin and litecoin with large vendors — Amazon, Overstock and even Walmart is considering using it — there is some validity in crypto as a currency for everyday life. What percentage of those are startups fundraising with ICOs or people that are mining or developers vs.

Deidra McIntyre: A lot of people, because this involves currency, are tight-lipped on what they are doing. They are not advertising their investment in crypto or that they are mining XYZ. We created the list, we separated the true startup founders from people who were education- and media-related, and who are developers and other professionals such as law and accounting. We just searched everything from Twitter to LinkedIn and looked at links that people provided, whether personal websites or organizations.

We talk a lot about Vitalik Buterin and ethereum or Charlie Lee and litecoin, but not about Africa and the predominately Black Caribbean nations and Black people dispersed between Brazil and the U. So that list was kind of the first effort. We received push back. Because up until that point, people were saying there were only three, 10 or 15 people you should know. Our list is now up to entries.

Some of the people listed are startup founders to professional service providers. Now people have a list to check to see who they can reach out to virtually and maybe start a discussion. Moguldom: I saw in the group, someone mentioned only wanting to use one exchange. You seemed to feel otherwise. For those starting out, how do they choose an exchange to purchase their cryptocurrency and how can they go about choosing a wallet to store it?

Deidra McIntyre: Search engines are still an excellent tool. My process has always been to look at multi-coin wallet reviews. You will come up with many bloggers and other independent people doing YouTube videos. Start watching them and see what people say. You can buy cryptocurrency with a credit card or money wire transfer, but you really should not store any of your money on an exchange.

You should get it off immediately to an offline wallet. In the U. My point in mentioning the person should check out other exchanges, instead of that particular product, is similar to burgers. You need to be aware of your options.

I mean there are only four exchanges in the U. You just need to go and review the pluses and minuses of those exchanges where you can legally buy and sell cryptocurrency. Moguldom: Have you faced challenges being a Black woman in the cryptocurrency space? I worked for TheGlobe. I think you do run into sexism in every industry. You just kind of deal with the person on a person-to-person basis. In terms of racism, I just stick with the content. What will it have accomplished?

Deidra McIntyre: We have a pitch deck and a mission statement. Our goal is to create an incubator that services Black-led startups in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space as well as be an education vehicle for people interested in working in the space. We partnered with MouseBelt, which is the first blockchain lab accelerator in the U. They have online resources for students to learn about programming languages and other aspects in the blockchain space.

We want to be that vehicle for our community before it becomes another digital divide-type of scenario, which is what happened with the fallout with the dot. We had to play catch up. So, I stick with educating people and passing of information, for companies to grow and develop.

When we look at the model of the groups that are ahead of us, we want our Black startup founders to find that same level of support. We will look upon different stable coins and try find which is the best stable coin. Due to high volatility of crypto, traders felt the need of stable currencies. After epic bull run and …. After epic bull run and crypto crash in the need for stable coins increased further.

Tether USDT was the first stable coin which entered the market and now sits at 4th position position in marketcap with whopping 7 billion plus market cap, of it grow at this pace it may soon replace Ripple at 3rd position. But people criticise Tether for its centralised nature and unable to provide an audit if the crypto coins are actually totally backed by United states dollars. Many times its peg value has deviated highly from 1 usd in past.

There is also lawsuit going on against Bitfinex and Tether which says they manipulated the market during Bitcoin bull run. Soon many new stables coins flooded the market after they saw opportunity in criticism of Tether and we are seeing many more stable coin projects coming up. Though Still nobody has able to compete with tether yet and it is sitting at number one position with a huge margin. The market cap of tether is bigger than all other stable coins combined market cap.

Tether is the top most stable coin in terms of market cap and is highly controversial too. There is fair independent audit of its reserves. After huge criticism it admitted that tether is backed by only partial of caah reserve and rest by other assets like securities and commodities, which uncovers its shady practices.

Tether currently uses three blockchain Omni protocol uses bitcoin, erc 20 uses ethereum and Trc 20 based protocol uses Tron blockchain. Uses of Tron based USDT is increasing due to better speed than ethereum and bitcoin blockchain and also due to promotion of controversial crypto figure justin sun. However, as the digital money not used anything except for trading and speculation tether is able to maintain its number one position as stable , however in coming years we will see gradual shift from people using centralised stable coins to fully decentealised one.

The best candidate for now is Dai which is the most decentralised stable coin project out there though not fully and has started Defi revolution which is in its infant stage. Many people in crypto space has raised there concern time to time but nobody take it seriously as most of the people in space care about only price of Bitcoin and other crypto and not about transparency , privacy and real world use cases. Stable coins have no real use case till now as nobody use them for buying actual goods and services.

Hence Tether never had to face problem regarding auditing its reserve. So due to market filled with mostly speculators and scammers, they care less for actual decentralisation and technology improvement than fast profit making. Generally traders think they should not worry as they just use usdt as hedge and to go in and out of usdt , they seldom encash usdt for actual money , hence this starts a suspicious chain of Tether printing with concern over not fully backed stable coin.

Usees and traders have to learn about technology and not just think of quick profit as it may pop in anytime. Always try to trade in other stable coins than tether and demand from the exchanges to list your favorite stable coin. For e.

Its decentralised and transparent. If a stable coin is centralised , look if an independent audit is happening regularly and as many times as possible. Only code is law in such case. With crypto projects like Dai we are on right track but still needs to go a long way as there are still some problems in stable coins like Dai.

Crashing of Ethereum and slow speed of ethereum blockchain has caused problems for Dai in past and also security of smart contracts is also a concern. But according to me Dai is the best stable coin right now in crypto space. Due to centralisation concern, manipulation allegation on tether and just for seeing opportunity many new alternative stable coins projects came up in market.

The tokens themselves are also issued by regulated financial institutions, and every token can be redeemed for one dollar — effectively providing a price stable cryptocurrency. Paxos Trust Company has engaged Withum, a nationally top-ranking auditing firm, to independently verify at specific points in time that the entire supply of Paxos Standard tokens is consistent with USD in reserve accounts at U.

BUSD is a stable coin launched by most popular centralised crypto exchange binance. It has partnered with Paxos for its dollar reserves. TrueUSD is another popular Stable coin which uses ethereum blockchain. Feel free to contact :- invest binary, forex and bitcoin with: jamalabdulrahman01 gmail. Sravan Sri. Ibahagi ang iyong mga video sa mga kaibigan, kapamilya, at sa mundo. My Life in Bitcoin vines. Andreas Bans Bitcoin A Sudden Loss of Bitcoin Leverage. Stash Node Pro - Founder's Edition.

San Francisco Bitcoin Meetup. Join SF Bitcoin every second Thursday for a casual social event for bitcoiners and cryptocurrency enthusiasts at the El Rio! We'll have an open tab to kick off each evening. Must be 21 -- ID Requi. Calling all Bitcoiners! To invite fr…. Purse 29 September The princess is captured dying in a Paris tunnel, boats contain gaunt refugees—in the U. Engagement is falling, despite increased activity from brands.

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